Homeopathic Remedy for Eczema – it works!


This must be one of the best things that have happened to my eczema warriors – to have found a knowledgeable and reputable practitioner, who sits side by side with us on this roller coaster ride called eczema. The homeopathic remedy for eczema she prescribed to each of them worked for their individual body constitution, circumstances, psychological states, etc. and we saw the magic slowly but surely unfolding before our eyes.

My daughter M was prescribed thuja to help her detox from vaccine-induced eczema. My son J was advised to go on a gluten free diet, and prescribed homeopathic remedies that are calming for him, to help him cope with his intense itch that ravaged his entire body from head to toe.

What is homeopathy, and how does it work

Homeopathy is an alternative form of treatment, that has its roots in the 1800s. The underlying principle of homeopathic treatment is ‘like cures like’. Whatever is harmful to a person and causing him the diseases and ailments is exactly what will heal him when taken in minuscule amounts.

For example, coffee keeps you awake and sometimes makes you agitated. So it is used as a homeopathic remedy for sleeplessness and agitation.

Besides looking at the obvious symptoms of an illness, homeopathic practitioners also look at a person’s overall constitution, medical history, emotional well-being, mental state, character, etc. and base on a holistic approach to prescribe the remedies, usually in pill form or powder form.

Substances found naturally, from plants, animals, and minerals, are specially prepared by diluting them many times. It is usually mixed in water or alcohol, and vigorously shaken. This is believed to transfer the healing essence of the substance into the water.

At times, it is so highly diluted that molecules of the original substance is no longer detected, but the water retains the memory and healing essence of it. Homeopathy holds to the idea that the more diluted a substance, the more potent it is in triggering the body’s own healing mechanism.

homeopathic remedies for eczema water dilution
To find out more about homeopathy, you may want to check out these websites: homeopathy-soh.org and www.webmd.com. For more information on homeopathic constitution, visit this website: homeopathicconstitution.com.

Homeopathic remedy for eczema – our experience

Given the non-conventional approach, it is no wonder many people are skeptical of homeopathy. I’m not sure why and how, but deep down in my gut, I believed (and still do) a homeopathic remedy for eczema would work for my two kids. Though I knew people around me would question my frame of mind, I trusted the mother’s instinct in me, and went ahead.

The first appointments were long – 2 hours each, for M and J, on separate days. The homeopath interviewed me at length, to understand each child’s entire life, from conception, pregnancy and birth, to their health issues, character, habits, routines, social and emotional well-being, relationships in the family, etc. It was like condensing their life stories into one hour or so.

She also spent time talking to and interacting with each child, to see for herself the type of personalities they are. Then she examined their skin and eczema wounds and scars.

Finally she reached a conclusion about the child’s homeopathic constitutional type, and prescribed constitutional remedies, as well as remedies that are specific to their current needs, like calming the itch, detoxing from vaccines, etc.

Detox from vaccine for M

By talking through M’s life events during the first appointment with the homeopath, I came to a shocking realisation that her eczema flare happened two days after her 1 year old vaccination! And I actually was so dense as to never made the link! I always thought she was reacting to eggs, as we introduced eggs into her diet at about the same time. But even after removing eggs subsequently, her eczema flare never went away. It continued for an entire year, right until that day at the homeopath’s office.

That flare robbed one year of her life, her childhood. The itch from within was so intense and persistent that her waking and sleeping hours were consumed by it. She scratched even in her sleep, and I never had one restful night. Her waking hours were spent fussing, crying, clawing at her skin, dealing with the pain and infections that followed.

The homeopathic remedy prescribed for her was thuja. It is commonly used in homeopathy to detox from vaccines. One single dose. That was enough to change her life.

The effect wasn’t immediate, because at the same time, she was undergoing topical steroid withdrawal (tsw). That was the darkest period of her healing journey, as things had to get worse before they could get better, as her body adjusted to not depending on steroids anymore. Whatever benefits from homeopathic thuja were masked by tsw causing upheavals on her skin, adrenals, immune system, etc.

homeopathic thuja to detox from vaccines
After 8 months, her skin finally cleared as the hurricane of tsw went away and things started to calm down. After that single dose of thuja, she was given monthly prescription of itch calming pills, and constitutional remedy in powder form to mix with water in a prescribed dilution rate.

These helped her healing along, and it was a gradual upward progress. We tried not to compare day to day, as it wasn’t obvious to see progress in the short term. There will always be good days and bad, it was easy to get disheartened by these ups and downs.

Instead, we reminded ourselves to look back at months ago, like 6 months ago, then the progress made became very apparent and encouraging that we were on the right track.

Coping with itching for J

Our homeopath ascertained that diet was key, for J, since we had done a 3-month gluten free diet for him before, and it worked. What set us back at that time was his emotional state, as the temptation of junk and other foods that contained gluten were too great. Being on such a restrictive diet made him feel a loss of control over his life, so he turned to obsessing over stationery. It was really between the devil and the deep blue sea. So we stopped the diet after 3 months.

From that first visit onward, the homeopath worked with us to get J mentally ready for a 6-month gluten free diet, offering him lots of coping tips and encouragement. In the meantime, she prescribed constitutional pills, as well as calming remedies for J to cope with his intense itching episodes, that would occur multiple times a day. They were so bad that he would sob from the agony of it all. I believe it was also tsw at play for J.

This time round, the 6-month gluten free diet has been a much greater success, as it is done respectfully, at J’s own pace, when he felt he was ready for it, unlike the top-down approach previously. His healing has also been brought to a level that we would never have dreamt of just a year ago. Again, there are good days and bad, it only does us good to look back at months ago, instead of dwelling on why today is so much more itchy than yesterday.

Homeopathy works for us

Homeopathy has been an eye-opener for me. The holistic approach which includes looking into habits, routines, lifestyle, diet, exercise, interpersonal relationships, and even emotional baggage, has affirmed my trust in this alternative and natural medicine.

We have been fortunate to encounter a homeopath who hit the bull’s eye on the causes and triggers of eczema for my two kids. And those are major causes for them, so we do see excellent results from her homeopathic remedy for eczema. That is not to say life is a bed of roses now, as there are numerous triggers to their eczema, including stress and dust mites, both of which will never disappear completely from their lives. But I can happily say that right now, they are enjoying their lives as all kids should.

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16 thoughts on “Homeopathic Remedy for Eczema – it works!”

  1. Gluten free is something everyone should do, and I was glad to see you had success with that! Great article – I appreciated all the information and research you did on the subject of eczema. Thanks!

  2. How dreadful this disease must be. I have never had eczema or known anyone with it, but it sounds just horrible especially for little ones who can’t always tell us what is wrong. I am glad that you found homeopathy and that it seems to be providing a great healing for your children. I don’t think there is anything worse than feeling helpless while your children suffer.
    Do you use homeopathic treatments for anything else?
    Best wishes for your children’s continued healing!

    • Hi Karin,
      Thank you for feeling with us. It’s spot on that there is no worse feeling than helplessness while the children are suffering.

      We use homeopathy mainly to boost the eczema kids’ constitutional health, so that their immunity can grow stronger, and they can heal on their own. It’s also very useful in calming their bodies and minds when an itch fest comes along. I see a lot of potential in other applications for this calming aspect, like for stress, anxiety, lack of focus, irritability, etc.

  3. WOW, that is powerful information! Bless J and M’s heart. It is awful to go through all that.

    I suffer from psorasis, so I understand the itching and flare ups.

    I’m curious to know if thuja may help with my issue. Is there a site I can go to, to learn more information.

    The very best for your children, as well as you. Thanks for sharing your story,

  4. My son had eczema quite badly as a wee boy and we tried lots of different natural remedies and I wish I had known about this way back then. So informative and I really enjoyed learning more about homoeopathy
    Thank you

    • Hi Vicki,
      Thank you for dropping by. I hope your son is much better now, many kids do outgrow their eczema, as their immunity gets stronger.
      Glad that you found this article informative.

  5. Wow, I think everyone should have a read on this article!

    My sister has been bothered by eczema for a few years and she used steroids days before. But this has left scars on her skin and now whenever her skin is dry, her skin problems kick in.

    I will definitely show her this article! Thanks!

    • Hi Crystal,
      Yes do show this to your sister, I do hope it can help her somehow.
      The best option would be to find a reputable homeopathic practitioner near her, who can look into her health history, and all other aspects, including her constitution. And then he or she will prescribe remedies accordingly.

  6. Hi Joo,
    What a great experience you had with the homeopathic doctor.
    I study nutrition and I also believe that a lot of 21st-century diseases could be treated with as simple as diet. I also believe that certain herbs could have more effect compared with common drugs.
    I am happy to read that you kids feel much better and were healed!

  7. Hi! I found your blog today and I’m reading it with great interest because both my kids have eczema and I’m a firm believer in natural healing too.

    My 4 year old daughter’s condition has been under control by focusing on eliminating allergents in her diet. I now have a 5 month old baby whose eczema condition is much more severe than her elder sister even though I’ve been on a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and nut-free diet while I breastfeed her.

    I have read a lot of good reviews about homeopathy for various ailments and for vaccine injuries. Reading this post makes me feel like I should give it a go. Can you share with me the practitioner that you bring your kids to?

    • Hi Qiaoqing,

      I’m sorry that your baby has to suffer like this.
      I have emailed you the contact details of the homeopath we were seeing. Do check your inbox.

      I really hope your young one finds some relief soon.
      And do let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

  8. Hi Joo, I stumbled across your site while I was searching for ways to help my young son to fight this eczema monster. I learned so much from your site and have started making my own natural soap /detergent etc. We saw a homeopathic practitioner and was also prescribed Thuja. I am in the process of tapering off steroid (it’s a mixture of 80% moisturizer + 10 %antibiotic + 10% steroids so it’s quite diluted). I am reluctant to start the Thuja after knowing it will get worse before getting better (his graduation is approaching ). Could you share how bad it got for your daughter at first and took how long to see improvement? And do you recommend I don’t stop the steroid just yet while starting the remedy ? We have tried all the diet except grain -free and nothing works so far. Any advice would help ! Thanks

    • Hi Flora,
      I’m sorry that the diets don’t seem to help your son.
      If his graduation ceremony is just around the corner, then I guess it makes sense to not rock the boat until you and him are fully ready for it.
      TSW is a beast on its own, at another level. For my daughter, the itch was incessant and all-consuming of her daily life.
      Not sure if you already know of it, but let me point you to a TSW support group on Facebook, you can find out a lot more from people going through TSW, firsthand.

      Whether or not to start Thuja while he is still on mild steroids, personally I’m neutral either way. I think it’s better to discuss it with your homeopathic doc.

      Will be praying for your son’s recovery and healing.


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