Exercises Drain Lymph Nodes and Help Eczema

Exercise is good for everyone, but eczema warriors may cringe at the thought of it, as sweat frequently stings and irritates their sensitive skin, making it flare, or making the itching worse. But when I learnt how exercises drain lymph nodes and thus are a big boost to the natural healing of eczema, I felt … Read moreExercises Drain Lymph Nodes and Help Eczema

6 Best Eczema Treatments – get relief from eczema itching

I have seen, in my two eczema warriors, how the eczema itch can be relentless and simply destroys their spirit. The itch is not just skin-deep, in fact it can be described as bone-deep. In this article, we look briefly at why it itches so bad, and recommend the best eczema treatments to get relief … Read more6 Best Eczema Treatments – get relief from eczema itching

Antibiotics and Eczema – not a good match

Having a flu and a fever? Sore throat? Runny nose and cough? Ear infection? Here, take this round of antibiotics. This is an everyday occurrence in any general practitioner’s clinic. I have grown up well and healthy on this approach to illnesses. But this is not for everyone. Definitely not for eczema warriors, as antibiotics … Read moreAntibiotics and Eczema – not a good match

How to tell if it’s a Healing Crisis for Eczema

A healing crisis for eczema is a good thing. Once you get past the initial discomfort, you will feel much better and more vibrant. Whenever I let my two eczema warriors embark on some eczema remedy, like some targeted diet, or homeopathy, etc., I would brace them, and myself, for a healing crisis. Sometimes it … Read moreHow to tell if it’s a Healing Crisis for Eczema

Medical Medium Book Review – do this for your own health

This is the book of the century. I hope this Medical Medium book review can inspire you to walk the path of natural healing. You will thank yourself for it. This is such an enlightening book, it would be a disservice to mankind not to spread the word and let more people know about it. … Read moreMedical Medium Book Review – do this for your own health

Homeopathic Remedy for Eczema – it works!

This must be one of the best things that have happened to my eczema warriors – to have found a knowledgeable and reputable practitioner, who sits side by side with us on this roller coaster ride called eczema. The homeopathic remedy for eczema she prescribed to each of them worked for their individual body constitution, … Read moreHomeopathic Remedy for Eczema – it works!

Do Vaccines Cause Eczema Flare

Vaccines have sparked off fierce debates in recent years, due to increasing cases of vaccine injury. Do vaccines cause eczema flare? My short answer is YES. Our experience with vaccines My daughter, M, had her scheduled vaccination for MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) at one year old. I had no issue at all with vaccination, … Read moreDo Vaccines Cause Eczema Flare

Boy, oh boy! Why does eczema itch so bad?

Just when I thought his eczema was improving by leaps and bounds, just when I was feeling confident that we are moving in the right direction with a clean diet, lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of super foods like berries and avocados, all-natural body wash, laundry detergent and other cleaning agents, etc. Just when … Read moreBoy, oh boy! Why does eczema itch so bad?

Does Stress Trigger Eczema?

There are so many triggers to eczema, it is such a complicated monster. Through skin prick tests, elimination diet, control of environmental triggers, we managed to identify some culprits. But one sure fire way to get your eczema all flared up, red and angry, itchy and oozy, is to get stressed up. So does stress … Read moreDoes Stress Trigger Eczema?

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