Sweat Triggers Eczema Flare Ups, or Not?


Eczema and sweat have a love-hate relationship. On one hand, sweat can be stinging for people with eczema. On the other hand, many unwanted substances get eliminated when we sweat it out. So that triggers eczema flare ups? Or does it help with eczema? We will explore this in much more detail in this article. … Read more

Relief Eczema Itching – Best Reusable Ice Pack Reviews

Eczema itch can be described as bone-deep, as it is not a surface kind of itch. An itch fest would make my son tear up, in both senses of the word – tear up in his eyes, and tear up his skin. If we could relief eczema itching for these warriors, it would at least … Read more

Best Salt Baths for Eczema

Whether it’s Epsom salt, dead sea salt, or Himalayan salt, salt baths for eczema warriors are the best remedy as they contain the Earth’s natural minerals. Many minerals found in salt baths are nourishing, some aid healing, others are anti-inflammatory, and yet others are calming and promote better sleep. In this other article, we discuss … Read more

Best Sunscreen For Eczema – our top choices for 2018

If you love the outdoors as much as we do, and yet have eczema to deal with, we can totally understand how it is – the heat, the itch, and the flares. So we uncover for you our shortlist of the best sunscreen for eczema, allowing you your right to enjoy the day in the … Read more

Epsom Salt for Eczema – helps with rashes and itching

Epsom salt is nothing like your regular salt (which is sodium chloride). Epsom salt is actually magnesium sulphate, both components having deeply beneficial properties for skin healing as well as overall health. We have used Epsom salt for eczema in our two warriors, and found that it really helps to relieve their itch, sooth their … Read more

Does Chlorine Aggravate Eczema

The short answer to this question ‘Does chlorine aggravate eczema?’ is: YES. Most eczema warriors see a worsening of their symptoms when exposed to chlorinated water. But there is a small minority who do better with chlorine. What is chlorine? Chlorine is a chemical disinfectant, unstable on its own, so in its natural state, it … Read more

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