Using Diet to Help Eczema – why doesn’t it work?

To heal eczema naturally, diet is key. Many people have looked into their diet to help eczema, and succeeded in clearing it completely. If you have been trying to deal with your eczema through improving your diet, and found that it does not seem to help much, it could be due to one of these … Read more

Blend vs Juice – a natural remedy for eczema

Blending or juicing, either one on its own can be a natural remedy for eczema, and in fact for all kinds of health conditions. They are great even for the healthiest person. They have been known to reverse diabetes, kidney disease, and many other serious conditions… even cancer! When it comes to blend vs juice, … Read more

Eczema and Immune System – how to heal from within

So many eczema warriors have tried everything under the sun, hopping from one dermatologist to another, accumulating enough creams to open a shop, and yet nothing seems to work. It is so exasperating. It is because eczema and immune system are intimately related, eczema is not just a superficial skin problem. It is actually a … Read more

How to Heal Eczema Naturally

This article dwells in detail about how to heal eczema naturally. But the short answer is here: giving first priority to healing from the inside out will wake the body up to righting itself. Support this by outside-in natural applications, to ease the symptoms so the mind and spirit stay strong enough to boost the … Read more

Herbal Treatment for Eczema – Ginger Bath

This is one of my favourite natural remedies for eczema in children, used hand in hand with apple cider vinegar baths. Ginger is a gift bestowed upon us by Mother Nature, which can actually relief the eczema itching of my daughter, M. So for a stretch of a few months in 2017, she soaked daily … Read more

Foods that heal eczema – natural is the way to go

There are a thousand and one causes to eczema. Everyone’s body is different, our life stories are different, the foods we eat are different, the pollutants we are exposed to and absorb are different, the way our bodies respond to irritants and allergens are different, the way our internal organs work to get rid of … Read more

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