Sweat Triggers Eczema Flare Ups, or Not?


Eczema and sweat have a love-hate relationship. On one hand, sweat can be stinging for people with eczema. On the other hand, many unwanted substances get eliminated when we sweat it out. So that triggers eczema flare ups? Or does it help with eczema? We will explore this in much more detail in this article. … Read more

Review of the Best Vitamin C Powder Supplement

I began my search for the best vitamin C powder supplement when I started making bone broth for my son with bad eczema. I could have used apple cider vinegar, but it is very high in salicylates, which we were eliminating from his diet, in a bid to remove the last bit of chronic inflammation … Read more

Relief Eczema Itching – Best Reusable Ice Pack Reviews

Eczema itch can be described as bone-deep, as it is not a surface kind of itch. An itch fest would make my son tear up, in both senses of the word – tear up in his eyes, and tear up his skin. If we could relief eczema itching for these warriors, it would at least … Read more

Eczema and Allergic Reaction – triggered by Orgran biscuit

Eczema and allergic reaction are not the same thing, but they are definitely related, and one can affect the other. In this article, we dwell into eczema vs allergic reaction: how their effects can build up upon each other, my daughter’s allergic reaction to one particular Orgran biscuit, the ingredients that most likely triggered her … Read more

Avoid these High Salicylate Foods Bad for Eczema

Some of the healthiest foods on earth can be poison to you if you have eczema. Ever heard of salicylates? These are natural chemicals made by some plants. Foods bad for eczema include fruits and vegetables that contain high amounts of these salicylates. In this article, we will walk through: What are salicylates How I … Read more

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