Conventional Medicine vs Alternative Medicine for Eczema

These years of journeying down the eczema and topical steroid withdrawal (tsw) path with my two warriors, we have consulted with countless general practitioners, pediatricians, dermatologists and other specialists of the like, traditional chinese medicine (tcm) practitioners, and a homeopathy practitioner. Oh and not forgetting Google, you would be surprised at how good a doctor … Read more

Psychological Effects of Eczema – its emotional toll

As caregivers to children (or even adults) with eczema, many times we get so caught up with our own frustration and helplessness that we forget the immense psychological effects of eczema on these innocent souls, many of whom are robbed of the joy of their lives because of this debilitating condition. As it is a … Read more

Our Eczema Story (and how we used natural eczema cures)

Welcome to our website You are in the right place if you are looking for natural remedies for eczema in children. How it all started Two of my children had eczema which affected their day-to-day living. J had very mild eczema as an infant, to which pediatricians would prescribe topical steroids. He responded well, … Read more

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