Gluten Free Snacks Ideas for Kids – our backup pantry

If your child is embarking on a gluten free diet for eczema (this earlier article discusses the whys and hows), it is good to get prepared by sourcing out some gluten free snacks ideas for kids. Of course the best choices are natural, wholesome foods like carrot and celery sticks, an avocado or an apple … Read more

Gluten Free Diet for Eczema

Expanding on a previous article on foods that heal eczema, a gluten free diet is one of the many things we have tried, in a bid to find the cause of the children’s eczema, and to try and improve their condition. It all started at a gathering with extended family, when a relative suggested to … Read more

Avocado Recipes for Kids – a delicious way to boost their health

Why does everyone and their kids love avocado, except for mine? When my children first started on solids, I would buy avocado from the supermarket for them to try. But alas! This ignorant mother did not know how to tell ripe avocados from unripe ones! I kept choosing the firm ones, not knowing I had … Read more

Foods that heal eczema – natural is the way to go

There are a thousand and one causes to eczema. Everyone’s body is different, our life stories are different, the foods we eat are different, the pollutants we are exposed to and absorb are different, the way our bodies respond to irritants and allergens are different, the way our internal organs work to get rid of … Read more

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