Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Reviews for 2018

Once I started using microfiber cloths to clean around the house, I knew they are here to stay. They not only wipe off dust and bacteria effectively, the best microfiber cleaning cloths are even capable of removing viruses. This linked study presents the evidence for virus removal using microfiber cloths. The use of micro-technology in … Read more

How to Clean with Microfiber Cloth – the way to a dust free home

There was no looking back after I figured how to clean with microfiber. It gets rid of dust effectively and quite effortlessly, creating a dust free home for my eczema warriors who have dust mite allergy. Using microfiber also paves the way to green and natural cleaning, as I can now do away with chemical-laden … Read more

DIY Dishwashing Liquid Recipe (for handwashing)

No matter how well and how thoroughly we rinse off after washing dishes, we can never be sure how much traces of the dishwashing detergent will be left behind. Upon the next use, it gets onto our food and goes right into our stomach! Chemicals like SLSs (sodium lauryl sulfates), fragrances, formaldehyde, triclosan and all. … Read more

Top 2 Best White Vinegar Brands

Vinegar is so versatile, we use it in our cooking, as a seasoning, to wash the pesticides off fruits and vegetables, and in almost all our DIY cleaning products too! From DIY glass cleaner to fabric softener, it is such a big part of our lives, we can’t do without it anymore. In this post, I’m going … Read more

Dr Bronner – The Best Natural Soap for Eczema

We understand the pain, physical and financial, of trying out hundreds and thousands of soaps, handwash, body wash, etc. just to find something that is neither drying nor irritating for your eczema. After years of research and trying out different brands and products, I find Dr Bronner to have the best natural soap for eczema … Read more

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